Joel Harvey以及如何为您的企业获得更多电话

《Joel Harvey以及如何为您的企业获得更多电话》

Immediate. Intentional. Intimate.

It may surprise you to know that Joel Harvey of Conversion Sciences has found the value of a phone call to be anywhere between 500-1000% higher than a lead form field.

In today’s interview with smart people, Joel Harvey explains why, as we also discuss:

  • How and why to measure calls Testing site elements for distractability
  • Forming a cohesive experience
  • Increasing quality and quantity of inbound calls

In this 47 minute interview, Joel explains exactly how to get more phone calls,  why phone calls are so effective, and how you can entice more visitors to pick up the phone and call you.

Here’s the audio only version:

I appreciated Joel’s attention to detail as he explained how so many calls can be boiled down to fit a handful of patterns, and his five-rule system to attract more inbound calls.

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